10 Steps To Being Part Of The Local Food Revolution

  1. Grow Your Own

    Use any space - windowsill, balcony, patio, back garden or shared plot - to grow at least some of your own zero-food mile produce. Tasty, fresh and lots of fun! Use these handy Garden Organic grow-your-own cards to get started.

  2. Eat Less Meat

    A plant-based diet is better for the planet, your health and your budget. To stay well the recommended daily intake of meat is 70g. That's one small portion a day! Check out MIH recipe page for meat free inspiration.

  3. Compost Your Food Waste

    Food waste thrown in the bin goes to landfill. As it rots it releases methane gas into the air. Not good! By composting food and paper you make new soil! Yeah! Use Garden Organic's nifty help sheet to find out how.

  4. Join A Veg Box Scheme OR Shop At A Farmers Market

    Support local farmers, reduce your food miles, eat better tasting, seasonal produce and eat delicious veg not sold in the supermarkets. Hit Local Food's directory to find a farmers market near you.

  5. Buy Organic

    Eating organic food means you don't ingest agricultural chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. It's also better for the environment and doesn't harm bees! Not sure where to shop? Check out this directory of organic food shops in London.

  6. Start An Organic Food Buying Co-Operative

    Get the best for less by joining forces with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to buy organic food in bulk to get much cheaper prices. Interested? Use this handy Sustain guide to find out how to do it.

  7. Eat Seasonally

    Out of season food has been flown in from abroad or grown in an energy intensive hot house. Save the environment and eat better tasting food! Not sure what's in season when? Use this Eat Seasonably calendar to find out.

  8. Move Your Money

    Move your savings to an ethical bank and your cash will be used to fund things of social value like renewable energy, community hubs and organic farms. The major high street banks however use our money to invest in the weapons industry, food speculation or the fossil fuel industry. Grim. Say no to this outrage by moving your money today.

  9. Plant An Orchard (or just a single heritage fruit tree)

    No time to garden? Plant a fruit tree and reap the edible rewards year after year. Watch these videos from our friends at the London Orchard Project to find out how.

  10. Support The Cause

    Make regular donations or become members of the awesome organisations and groups - like us - working with and campaigning for a sustainable food future Our favourite organisations for you to give your hard earned money to:

    1. US! Made In Hackney
    2. Sustain
    3. Garden Organic
    4. Soil Association
    5. Pesticide Action Network