Want to support our work? Why not become a Made In Hackney fundraising champion – and get your friends, families and colleagues involved too.

We can provide flyers, promotional material, running vests, aprons - and if requested someone from Made In Hackney to speak at your event or to your team.

We’re sure you’ll have some excellent and original ideas for fundraising – but to get you started here’s a few suggestions.

Hackney Half Marathon and other Sporting Events

Want to get fit and raise money for a good cause at the same time?

Whether you sign up for a 5k run, mountain hike, bike ride or ironman/woman contest, a fitness challenge is a great way to raise money. You can get a training partner or team together for more fun.

Garage Sale or Car Boot

De-clutter your house and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Look in your local paper for car boot locations, table sales or sell direct from your garage or front garden for a day.

Clothes Auction

A fun way to recycle your unwanted clothes. Get a group of friends round, lay all the donated clothes out ready for a frenzied trying on cum shopping session followed by the auction where people bid for the pieces they want.


Push yourself with a feat of daring! Whether it's a sky dive, abseil, mountain climb or bungee jump - you'll be sure to bring in some sponsorship with a bold act of bravery.

Dress Down Day At Work

Get your colleagues involved by having a dress down (or up!) day at work. Swap suits for jeans, or jeans for cocktail dresses. Novelty themes work well too e.g. Christmas jumpers, 1970s theme, superhero, Star Wars etc

Bake Sale

Everyone loves cake! If you're a good baker whip up some tasty treats and sell them to colleagues, outside school, at a community event or anywhere else cake lovers reside, which is pretty much everywhere!


Can you sing, play an instrument, dance - or just enjoy having a go? Hold a performance or busk (check about licensing first) and raise money by selling tickets or through donations.

Supper Club

Good cook? Hold a 'supper club' at your house where friends pay what they think the meal was worth at the end of the meal. Make sure they know it's for a good cause!

And remember to tell us about your effort so we can promote what you’re doing and offer you a huge thankyou.

To get in touch with Made In Hackney about fundraising contact us on info(at)madeinhackney.org 02084 424266

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