The Kitchen - A Beautiful Kitchen, That Didn't Cost The Earth

Our beautiful recycled kitchen is available for hire to workshop leaders and small scale food producers. As opposed to your hard earned money going to a faceless landlord all hire fees go to the Made In Hackney Local Kitchen project. Your fee allow us to continue delivering our vital program of free and pay-by-donation cooking classes to the local community.

The MIH kitchen demonstrate it's possible to have a beautiful domestic kitchen that doesn't cost the earth. Designed by Architecture For Humanity and pioneering Yorkshire based, recycled kitchen company Milestone Design, it uses eco-design features possible to emulate in any home kitchen.

Made In Hackney Kitchen

Equipment & Eco-Features

  • Range cooker, domestic oven, 12 hob rings
  • Nine tray Excalibur Dehydrator
  • Vitamix, Magixmic, Stick Blender
  • Pans, bowls, Pyrex dishes, colanders
  • Food waste composting facility & wormery
  • A work top made of recycled plastic coffee cups
  • Units made of 98% recycled content MFC board
  • Super efficient 7 watt LED light bulbs
  • Shelving made from salvaged scaffold boards
  • Bespoke cupboard made from an old desk
  • VOC free paint and varnishes by Ecos Paint
  • A+ rated appliances
Made In Hackney Kitchen

Please note the kitchen is a vegetarian space (no meat, fish or eggs) and is entirely electric (no gas).

Exhibition by photographer Kate Beatty

How to Make a Booking

  1. Read through equipment list to ensure MIH meets your needs
  2. Read Kitchen Hire Rates to confirm you are happy with MIH rates
  3. Check our Full Calendar for availability, and email desired booking dates to to confirm.
  4. If kitchen is available read our Health & Sustainability Policy to check you’re happy to adhere to it
  5. Read our Conditions Of Use. This is a lengthy document. Do not be put off, it is there to protect both parties and is similar to that used by many kitchens.
  6. If booking multiple sessions we recommend you visit the kitchen in advance. Email to make an appointment
  7. Complete the Kitchen Hire Booking Form electronically (click in the space next to the question and type directly into document) and email back to MIH.
  8. MIH will now send you an invoice for the booking. To secure the booking MIH must receive a £100 deposit, as instructed on invoice.
  9. Enjoy using the kitchen!

Booking Forms