Made In Hackney deliver fun, supportive, often life changing courses in local food growing, cooking and composting skills. We work with local charities, community organisations, housing associations and support groups to ensure our courses are offered to people most in need such as low income families, children in care, teen carers, young people excluded from school, parents and children, and people suffering from diet related health problems.

Our past service users require: Action For Children, Hackney Social Services, Kids Company, Off Centre, Inspire!, Catch 22, Mind Yourself, Lee House, London Orchard Project, Linden Children's Centre, Wilton Estate Residents, North London Muslim Cultural Centre, the Otesha Project and the Women's Environment Network.

Our teachers help learners develop the practical skills to feed themselves and their family as healthily and ethically as their budget allows. Classes also incorporate discussions about reducing waste, eating seasonally, buying local, understanding certifications and how food choices can help tackle global issues such as climate change, global inequality and diet-related mental and physical ill health. A learning and social occasion, the classes end with a shared meal. As well as the program we run in our beautiful recycled, eco-kitchen, we take our program into schools, community centres and anywhere else with people with a desire to learn how to cook delicious healthy food that’s good for people and planet.

All our teachers are enhanced DBS checked, First Aid trained, Food Hygiene trained and Child Protection trained.

To register your community groups interest in any of the below courses email: info(@)

Our Flagship Course Program

Cooking For Life

Want to eat well but limited by budget and lack of cooking skills? This program gives learners vital shopping, budgeting and cookery skills to transition to as healthy, fulfilling and ethical diet as their budget allows. Sessions vary with seasons but usually covers shopping in local area, menu planning and budgeting, buying co-operatively, making bread, soups, cooking with herbs and spices, using lentils, using flour, and healthy takes on popular classics – including fast food and desserts.

Seed To Plate

This course begins with an introductory session on growing your own organic food. It then moves into the kitchen where learners develop the skills to make healthy, affordable meals from locally grown, seasonal produce. Sessions vary with the seasons but usually require bread making, soups, salad dressings, using herbs/spices, and healthy takes on popular classics – including desserts and fast food.

Harvest To Jar

This course begins with an introductory session on growing your own fruits and berries. It then moves into the kitchen to teach learners ‘lost-art’ food processing skills such as preserving, fermenting, pickling, bottling and making cordials, syrups and sauces. Sessions also require no-sugar and reduced sugar preservation methods. An ideal course for local food growers and community groups interested in developing their sustainable food skills.

Hackney Take-Away

This fun course teaches people how to make their favourite take-away foods but in as healthiest and ethical a way as possible. The programme how to make delicious Indian meals, Mexican wraps, Turkish gözleme, Caribbean food, veggies burgers 'n' fries, falafel wraps, pizza and more - and what the health benefits are of making them at home. Very popular with young people - and adults too!

Forage To Fork

This course begins with an introductory session in safe urban foraging. It then moves into the kitchen where learners develop the skills to make delicious, highly nutritious low-cost meals from plants typically viewed as garden weeds and other foraged, wild ingredients. Sessions vary with seasons but usually require soups, desserts, wild green salads, seasoning, pies and cordials.

Making To Sell

Want to become a small-scale food producer but don’t know where to start? This course covers the essentials for becoming an ethical, small scale producer. Course requires product presentation, sourcing ingredients, finding retailers/outlets, marketing and branding. Practical sessions offered to fine tune your cookery skills with opportunity for honest, constructive product feedback in a supportive environment.

International Cuisine

Celebrate London’s multicultural community by learning how to cook a range of international cuisines. From West African to Indian, Turkish to Middle Eastern, Caribbean to Chinese – this is a culinary trip around the world. Committed to improving health and wellbeing and reducing food miles, our teachers adapt recipes and show learners how to get the same authentic taste from local ingredients and healthier cooking techniques.

Healthy Baking

Love cakes, pastries and biscuits but want to eat healthily? Know sugar isn’t good for you but unsure how to replace it with natural, healthy, plant-based sweeteners? Then this is the course for you. Sessions change with seasons but the course usually covers cakes, pies, biscuits, muffins, cheesecakes, frosting, bars and bakes. Hmmmmm.

Home Herbalism

This course begins with an introduction to herb growing. It then moves into the kitchen to teach learners how to enhance their wellbeing and cure common ailments – colds, mouth ulcers, headaches, indigestion – and support mood – anxiety, stress, apathy – using nothing but herbs. Sessions vary with the season but usually require making tinctures, infusions, poultices, smoothies and nourishing soups.