Can You Help Us Nourish Our Community Today?

We believe everyone should have access to enough nutritious, tasty food of their preference.

The UK has more than enough food for everyone to be well nourished. But the reality is 8 million people go hungry on a daily basis. This is wrong.

Our meal service tackles this injustice with nutritious, plant-based, culturally representative meals. In our batch cooking sessions our chef, participants and volunteers cook 400 meals a week for community members. Our community meal service members receive six free nutritious cooked meals a week. We also provide free meals to warm spaces.

To join our free Batch cooking sessions please sign up here.

To volunteer in the community meal service kitchen email:

If you are looking for food or other support with the cost of living crisis in Hackney please refer to this Hackney Council resource.

The community meal service was launched in 2020 as an emergency response to the COVID19 crisis. Many of our community members were struggling to access food and were putting themselves at risk to go shopping.

Read the Evening Standard piece when actress Olivia Colman came to volunteer with us for the day.

Now the community meal service is as needed as ever. Today our team of chefs and volunteers prepare over 400 culturally varied meals a week with regular input from our community meal service family on what dishes they’d like to see on the menu each week.

Our service is more than a meal.

Our ever evolving approach to building food resilience means our community meal recipients can attend cookery classes, enjoy community connection and develop skills by volunteering with us.