The Future is Plant-based

One of the most impactful things a society can do to respond to the climate crisis is transition to a plant-centred diet. Discerning consumers are voting with their forks with veganism, flexitarianism and everything in between becoming the norm not the exception.

Every entity that provides food - be it a pub chain, community group or school caterer - has a part to play in this evolution. We understand change can be difficult - so we’re there to support collectives on this journey and help them become part of the solution and not the problem.

Our Plant Futures Programme offers support to organisations, businesses and civil society to evolve their offer to a more plant-centred eating approach.

We can provide:

  • Recipe & Menu Development
  • Plant-based cooking expertise
  • Online & In-person Chef Training
  • Ingredient sourcing expertise
  • Discussion Workshops
  • Team & Front of House Training
  • Community Event Hosting

Our Plant Futures Toolkit is a practical manual for creating delicious, nutritious, budget conscious plant-based food. This kit is being distributed nationally to thousands of businesses, organisations and collectives in ‘food power’ positions.

Plant Futures Toolkit

Pledges Made After Attending A Plant Futures Workshop

"Our upcoming community cookery workshops will all now be plant based."

Krysia, Foodhall

"I will develop 10 new plant based menu options that cover a variety tastes/cuisines/cultures to offer diversity in our frozen meal delivery service."

Hannah, Foodhall

"We will continue to review our menu cycle for delivered hospitality increasing the number of plant based options to 60% over the next year."

Tracy Carr, Executive Chef, Sheffield University

"I will inspire and start training our chefs in plant based cooking immediately."

Joe Berry, Group Head chef, Sheffield University

"I will work on how plant based options appear on our menus, working on the wording to tell the story of the food to make it sound more appealing."