Community Class - Class: Eating to Beat Inflammation

Class: Eating to Beat Inflammation

Date and Time

Sunday 10th December 2023

11:00am - 1:30pm




Made In Hackney, Liberty Hall (black & white building by the common), 128 Clapton Common, Spring Hill, Clapton, London, E5 9AA, UK

This a past event and is no longer avaliable.
Please see our calendar for upcoming events.

The Event

Join dietitian Hannah to learn about the foods, herbs and spices that can help reduce inflammation. She will share recipes and some basic principles along with tips and tricks for how to incorporate these into your everyday lives.

To book onplease complete this short online form or, if you don't have access to internet, call 020 8442 4266 and we can fill the form over the phone with you (this course is for people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or been told they are at risk).

In the interest of fairness, please understand that we need to prioritise new participants for our free sessions. For this reason we can usually only consider applications for a maximum of 2 classes or a course in a 6 month period. 

Please do not come to the class unless you have received a booking confirmation from us - and replied to accept it - to avoid being turned away, as places are limited. Please bear in mind that our classes usually have waiting lists, but places often eventually do become available. We will also prioritise those on waiting lists for future classes and courses.