Masterclass - Masterclass: Plant Based Kimchi & Bibmibap

Masterclass: Plant Based Kimchi & Bibmibap

Date and Time

Saturday 20th July 2024

11:00am - 3:00pm




liberty Hall - Made in Hackney

128 Clapton Common London E5 9AA

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The Event

Kimchi is an iconic staple in Korean cuisine, with origins stretching back thousands of years. This fiery cousin of sauerkraut, with its fermented vegetables and spicy kick that keep its devotees coming back for more, has a chock-full of probiotics, and its benefits go far beyond being delicious. A traditional Korean side dish, Kimchi has gained huge popularity internationally the past few years, and the appreciation and obsession for this probiotic jar of flavoursome crunch has captured the hearts and soothed the gut health of many.

This four hour class will provide everything you need to know about making kimchi & bibimbap; from the history of how it came to be, to the various methods and types depending on geography and family traditions.

Bibimbap means, 비빔 [bi•bim]: to mix and 밥 [bap]: rice. The key aspect to bibimbap is 반찬 [ban•chan] culture. Banchan means side dishes and it is an essential way of eating collectively in Korea. Bibimbap is the byproduct of banchan culture as it is a lazy meal for when we don’t want to cook as we usually have all the side dishes already made in the fridge at all times. However, as most people eat by themselves and eat take out in modern day, bibimbap can be quite a difficult to cook all the individual components to the dish instead of assembling what you already have at hand. But once it is plated in a nice dish, it can be quite satisfying to mix it all together and nourish your body with all the veggies!

Rebecca Ghim of The Ferm, who creates a wide range of fermented products by working to reduce food waste, will lead you through the process and put you on the path towards being a seasoned fermenter. You’ll be led through a recipe to make a very special veganised umami version of traditional kimchi. With tips on where to get the perfect ingredients and a chance to ask Rebecca questions about anything and everything kimchi and kimjang (the annual event held to make large amounts of kimchi in preparation for the winter in South Korea), this will be a class not to be missed.

This class will include:

  • Step by step guide on how to make traditional Korean kimchi
  • How to make a veganised version of traditional mak kimchi (similar to traditional kimchi but with chopped cabbage)
  • How to pre-salt different types of veggies perfectly for kimchi
  • How to ferment kimchi in different temperatures
  • How kimchi has changed throughout history
  • How to make Bibmibap and the history behind the dish

About the chef:

Rebecca Ghim is from Gwangju, where kimchi is famous even amongst Koreans. Known for strong southern flavours, Gwangju is the home of Kimchi Research Centre. Having learned the tips and secrets from the generations before her, Rebecca has participated in kimjang (the practice of a whole neighbourhood coming together to make kilos of kimchi together), since her childhood. Now she has her own vegan kimchi and pickle brand in London called The Ferm. She will be sharing her stories attached to the heritage of Korean fermentation and how she is spreading it through her brand. Rebecca’s research in Korean food anthropology, archived preservation methods and low-waste generational insights, has informed her work and her approach to her fermented creations.


This class will be a mixture of practical cooking, demos and time to ask questions. We are now returning to 'family style' cooking with everyone cooking and sharing workstations. This creates more of a communal and interactive experience, working together as a team. All ingredients and equipment needed for the class are provided.