Healthy chocolate granola tart base

Healthy chocolate granola tart base

This simple and delicious tart base from Hannah McCollum, founder of ChicP, is really versatile. It's crunchy and rich and a healthy alternative to traditional pie bases (aim for a granola without refined sugars). Top with bananas, nut butter and coconut yogurt for a delicious healthy twise on bannoffee pie!


200 grams granola 

4 dessert spoons tahini

100 grams dark chocolate 

6 tablespoons boiling water


In a food processor, blend granola

Add tahini and blend a little more

Melt the chocolate with the 6tbsp of boiling water in a ramekin.

Mix until the chocolate is nice and smooth.

Pour into the granola mix and blend until smooth.

Press into ramekin dishes or a pie dish and add topping of your choice 


Thanks to Hannah at ChicP for sharing this recipe with us!

Photo by Chloe Stewart



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