Join our exciting Veg Dash - Saturday October 15th!

Join our exciting Veg Dash - Saturday October 15th!

Posted Thursday 8th September 2022...

Celebrate Made In Hackney’s 10th anniversary and support your community this winter with vital food and meals, whilst having fun with your friends, colleagues or family.

Join our first ever fundraising "Veg Dash" on Saturday 15th October (11am kick off) - an event for all runners, gentle joggers or walkers - where there's no pressure to run or be the fastest. You'll be sent on a 10 stop hunt around Hackney look for fruit and vegetable themed locations.

Enter as an individual or up to a team of 10. Children are welcome to be part of your team.

We'll have amazing prizes, such as a dinner for 10 people for: Best fruit and vegetable costumes | Team that fundraises the most | And other exciting categories.

We're trying to make it as easy as possible to reach your team's chosen fundraising target, so teams can be up to 10 people to help spread the load. So have fun and help us reach our target of fundraising for 10,000 meals (£20,000). There are no hidden registration fees and no minimum amount to fundraise.

Start/End point: Made In Hackney cookery school, Liberty Hall, 128 Clapton Commons, London, E5 9AA.

Register below at our quick form or email to save you place.

Further details will be sent after registration leading up to the event.

Click here to learn how to set up your fundraising page. You only need to set up one page per team.

A list of FAQs are below.


What is the Made In Hackney Veg Dash?

So we have decided to put on our fundraising event as ticket prices are high for charities to buy places in official half marathons & other events. We also wanted to create an event that wasn't just about running so more people could get involved. And that also celebrated our love of eating more fruit and vegetables.
So you'll be directed to 10 locations around Hackney (that form a circuit to the start/finish at Liberty Hall). Each location will have a vegetable or fruit theme because you know, we love plants! 

On arrival on the day you'll be given a route map showing the 10 locations and a suggested route. As it's a circle from the start/finish you can decide which way round to go.
At each location the team takes a selfie to show they were there.
We'll be giving prizes for best vegetable/fruit costumes, fastest back and most fundraised. And there'll be a little something for everyone that comes along.

When does it start?

Please arrive from 10am as the event will start at 11am on Saturday 15th October. They'll be a warm up from 10.30am.


When does it finish?

We expect everyone to be finished by 1-2pm unless they really want to take their time enjoying the circuit! We'll be packing up the venue between 3-4pm.


What is the location?
Go to Liberty Hall, 128 Clapton Commons, E5 9AA. It's a black & white building on the edge of the park. You'll see people inside & outside on the day.
More directions:


Do I have to run it?
No, you can walk or jog or a mix! It's not just the fastest that can win prizes and remember this is also about having a fun time with a group of friends, family and colleagues and helping ro raise money.

If you are differently abled we also don't mind if you need to take a bus.
However, please no bicycles (or cars!).


How long is the course?
We've designed the course to be under 5 miles and can be walked in 1.5 hours. So we expect it to take people 1-1.5 hours with stops if jogging and 1.5-2 hours if walking.
If you're a team with lots of children in it you can opt for a shorter course we will have prepared.

How many people can I have in my team?
Up to 10 people. Or you can do it by yourself. 

If you're not sure about doing it by yourself but also not sure about putting a team together let me know as I can help you to find a team to join.


Do I need to know whose on my team when I register?

No, we just need one contact to be able send information to. 

Is there an age limit?
No, children are welcome to be part of your team but anyone under the age of 16 we would expect to be accompanied by an adult. We also plan to have a shorter route on offer for teams with lots of children.

What are the prizes for?
We will be giving prizes for the team with the best fruit & vegetable costumes, the team that has fundraised the most and other exciting categories.

Prizes include dinner for 10 people cooked by one of our amazing chefs at Made In Hackney (Liberty Hall).

We hope to have something for everyone to take home though.

How should I fundraise? and how much?
We have set up instructions on how to put together a fundraising page on localgiving in a separate document. If you are running as a team, please just set up one fundraising page per team.

If you really don't want to use localgiving that's ok, just make sure you send us your fundraising page. If you decide to collect cash we can send more information on what to do.
You can decide to raise any amount of funding but if you're a team of 10 we would suggest between £500-£1000 as a team goal.
We're trying to raise enough money for an extra 10,000 meals which is about £20,000. If you need any photos or text to help with your fundraising page please let us know.

What should I wear?
As there are prizes for best fancy dress costumes we'd love to see as many people as possible doing their best fruit and vegetable impressions. There is loads of inspiration online for homemade costumes that can be cheaply replicated!
We recommend also wearing something you feel comfortable also jogging/walking in.

What should I bring with me?
Try not to bring too much. Someone will need a phone in your team to take selfies at each of the 10 points.
We will have some storage for bags.

Please bring your own water bottle. Water bottles can be refilled at our cookery school at the start/end.


What if the weather is bad? Will it be cancelled?
We're hoping the event can go ahead unless it is very serious weather as we are all used to a bit of a shower in the UK!
We will have a dry space to store bags if needed.
We will also have access to a dry space for participants near to the start/end of race if really needed.
In the unlikely event it has to be postponed/cancelled we will aim to inform everyone 2 days beforehand.

Is there a loo?
Yes, there is access to a loo.

Who should I contact for more information or ring our office phone number (020 8442 4266)


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