Pesticide Free Hackney. Because we're worth it!

Pesticide Free Hackney. Because we're worth it!

Posted Tuesday 5th April 2016...

Imagine this. It's a sunny day and you go to the park. You lie on the grass and watch as your child runs and rolls around, happy and free.
A few people nearby are exercising, others are jogging. You sit there and think it would be nice sometimes to come here and do yoga. Or maybe even try and pick up some wild herbs you can use in your cooking.

People taking their dogs for a walk, having a picnic on a summer day, or simply walking down the street: we are all being exposed to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals without our knowledge. Why? Because Hackney council - like most others - is regularly spraying its streets and parks with weed killers and insecticides. 

Some of them, like glyphosate, are known to cause cancer, with kids being especially vulnerable. Most others end up polluting the soil and water, and are toxic to acquatic animals. The fact they are dangerous is clear: some cities have aready banned them.

Made in Hackney is one of the lead supporters of the Pesticide Free Hackney campaign. We want Hackney to follow the example of Paris, Toronto and, most recently, Brighton, and ban the use of these substances in public spaces.

You can join our campaign for a Pesticide Free Hackney
here. Share the petition on Facebook (there is also a campaign page) and Twitter with the hashtag #PesticideFreeHackney. We think we are all worth it. Don't you?

Carolina Stupino

Project Apprentice at Made in Hackney

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