MEET THE TEACHER: Fredericka Charles

MEET THE TEACHER: Fredericka Charles

Posted Sunday 30th October 2022...

"Tell yourself a different story." Celebrating our incredible Made In Hackney Teachers, this week we're giving love to Freddie Charles. 

PE & dance teacher turned fitness instructor, bread-baker, author, yogi, nutrition and meditation teacher facilitating elderly peoples’ community movement groups (and a loving mother!) - we spoke to Frederika Charles about 'Diary of a Desperate Mother', the book she wrote after facing difficult times when her son was born.

"My son was born and very quickly developed eczema and allergies. It got worse and worse and the doctors couldn't diagnose it, so I did. I needed to know everything about food because if it can make one person better, yet kill another, then what's going on?"

"As a mum, you make things better, and I couldn't. The doctor couldn't help me, but he should’ve been able to. As soon as I decided to write this book, I felt calm. To write things down became cathartic. I couldn't find a community of people like me and I wanted to let everyone know they’re not alone; have someone to hear them, hear their breath slow."

"Doing what you love is the only way to live. My mum died when I was 17 and I couldn't get out of my head - how could she die? She's still got so many plans! So, whatever's in my belly, I'm going to do it now."

"People have made themselves victims without knowing. But there is always a way out. Our life is our treasure box, what we put in or take out, it's up to us. Change your life; it's up to you."

"It's all about mindset. Why not make life as best as it possibly can be? Why can't the bones regenerate? Why can't I experiment and see, rather than just take a doctor’s sentence as finality? Tell yourself a different story that will make you happy."

"Freer body freer mind freer life. 12 years ago I was told by doctors that I had arthritis and to stop doing fitness. 'Don't worry about your hip - we have replacement ones now.' I didn't accept it. What was my other option, to sit still? I began to practice yoga. I told myself a different story."

“Serendipity. I love life, I love how things unfold. I started volunteering at Made In Hackney, volunteering does so much for your soul. When they found out I baked bread, Veryan offered me the chance to teach a Community Cookery Class with them. I was so nervous! I brought meditation into the breadmaking and it went really well. I loved how everyone's creation came out differently, eating together and learning how they make it in their countries.”

Look out for more of Freddie’s bread classes next year, on our website and social media.

Buy Freddie's book! DM her for a copy. And follow Freddie (& @lovefreddieskitchen) on socials.


Interview by Tara Rudd, photos by @rebeccazephyrthomas (above) and @ruddtara (below).

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