Cooking With Jamie Oliver

Cooking With Jamie Oliver

Posted Monday 21st October 2019...

Ahead of our appearance on Jamie Oliver's Meat-Free Meals we sat down with class participant Cary to find out what it was like cooking with Jamie.

You've taken part in many Made In Hackney cookery classes before, how did you feel in the build up to this one? 

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous in the build up to the class, I was more excited to be part of Made In Hackney's big day. Although it was a different story when the camera was on me! I felt pressured answering questions with so many people in our small kitchen! We did a radio interview a few years back, that was easier as there were no cameras. 

Did it feel like a usual MIH class?

It felt exactly the same, we followed the same cooking class format that works for us, only Jamie Oliver was taking part! Jamie was very good at making us feel comfortable and giving us space to say what we wanted to. It was odd having to repeat certain bits for the different camera angles, I'm sure it will lead to a good looking show later!

You said Jamie was good at making you feel comfortable, what was Mr Oliver like?

He was very interested in MIH, our story and our healthy food message. He wanted to find out lots about us and how we get people excited for vegetables. We spoke on and off camera and he was the same, personable and passionate about healthy eating, which is nice to see.

What did you make?

I can't remember! We filmed the show five months ago, I've had to keep quiet for so long, it's gone from my mind now!

It was our British root veg crumble... 

Ah yes, I remember it tasting great. Jamie liked it!

Why is it important for MIH to be on the TV?

It's good for MIH to get our message of food healthy for people and planet out to more people. I hope it leads to more people being aware of us and coming to our classes. There are some people out in the world who are critical or don't understand the plant based diet, having MIH on television can give them more information on why people are changing their diets and how it could make them healthier. I feel very grateful to be a part of passing on this information to the nation.

Episode 8 of Jamie Oliver's Meat-Free Meals is on air 21st October 8pm on Channel 4. It will be available to watch on catch up, following broadcast on the Channel 4 website.

Our unforgettable Root Veg Crumble recipe can be found here on our website 

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