Free cookery courses to bridge generational gap in Hackney

Free cookery courses to bridge generational gap in Hackney

Posted Tuesday 11th October 2022...

Free, six-month cookery courses will bring older and younger people in Hackney together, thanks to an £83,000 grant.

Hundreds of residents have the opportunity to register for Made In Hackney's vegan cookery course, thanks to the grant from City Bridge Trust.

Fran Humber, development manager, said: "Cooking using fresh fruit and vegetables is a way for people to improve their diet as part of a healthier lifestyle, and they can also save money as cooking plant-based food from scratch is very affordable.

"We've had people come along who've been able to improve their health, manage existing conditions and also to make friends and feel more connected with the community - that's the ideal outcome."

The weekly two-hour classes were set up in response to demand from older people for intergenerational events.

The grant will also fund five "community feasts" a year aimed at bringing older and younger people together to cook and eat.

The current course started in September and the next course is expected to follow on from when the current course ends.

People can register for the inter-generational cookery classes by emailing or calling 020 8442 4266

Article by Tara Mewawalla published in Hackney Gazette

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